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Helping Friends, Family & Community
Hope Walk of Yates County 2022
Amy Storey – Keuka College President & Survivor
Mark Petrie - VP of Enrollment Management at Keuka College & Survivor
Dawn Shipman - Founder, Secretary, Fitness Manager
Kim McCormick - Caretaker
Marty Shipman – Caretaker & Founder of Hope Walk of Yates County.
Sara Christenson – Supporter
Laura Alishauskas - Media Coordinator
Adriana Passarell - Hope Walk Media Coordinator
Brianna Maffei – Hope Walk Media Coordinator
Mary Todd-Sotir is a Caretaker of a Cancer Survivor
Hope Walk of Yates County
Interview with George and Vickie Dornberger
Interview with Ron Miller
Interview with Cindy Murphy
Interview with Kim Fultz
Angel Winged Warrior Crusin' Meet & BBQ
Angel Winged Warriors – Parade
Angel Winged Warriors – Chicken BBQ
2020 – Nearing Our Goal