Hope Walk of Yates County

Dear Friends at the Hope Walk of Yates County Thank you so very much from the borrom of our extremely grateful hearts for the grant we received from you. It will be put to good use with surgical co-pays, doctor visit co-pays and travel to Strong and back, etc.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. My family and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for being here when the diagnosis of cancer completely knocks you off of your feet! Thank you for making a significant difference in the lives of others.

Dear Dawn and Marty and everyone in Hope Walk, Thank you so much for inviting the cancer services program to be at the Hope Walk and to talk a little bit about what we do. Thank you also for bringing people together and for providing a place for us to support, appreciate, and respect loved ones and strangers alike, who have faced or are currently facing a cancer diagnosis.

Hope Walk is a very powerful event and I can't thank you all enough for inviting us to be a part of it.

Take care, be well, and Happy 202O!

To Hope Walk of Yates County With warmest thanks, grateful hearts, and deep appreciation for your thoughtfulness. Thank you so much for the grant & gas cards. They are so greatly appreciated in our time of need.

Dear Hope Walk Board I received your generous $500 grant check and I was very surprised as I never expected any money. I was only seeking rides to medical appointments with someone who could lift my wheelchair into and out of the car โ€“ I transfer well. I await a call from my "friend" as Marty explained.

I plan on making a donation to your organization when my cancer concerns are resolved ~ With Many Thanks, Marjorie J Hunt, Dundee, NY

Ms. Dornberger, I want to express my appreciation to Hope Walk for the grant you extended to me. At the moment I am cancer free. ~ Sincerely, Myrna Andrews

To the Hope Walk Committee, We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the $500 gift we received recently. This is truly a blessing to use toward Tom's medical expenses. This is truly a difficult journey and we appreciate the support that you offer to cancer patients. Again our deepest appreciation. ~ Sincerely, Tom & Cindy Vollmer

Thank you for awarding me the grant and for all your encouraging words. It makes all the difference. ~ Best Wishes To All, Julia Cacciola

Thank you for your participation in our Celebrity Chef Pasta Nights! ~ Happy Holidays, Emily and Team, Glenora Wine Cellars

Thank you so much for the grant. It will really help with co-pays, gas to and from appointments, healthier food, etc.

Your kindness and compassion means a great deal to me. Thanks again for making my life a little easier. God bless you all.

Dear Pat Moravic and all supporters and organizers of Hope Walk of Yates County.

I received my grant check last week and was so surprised - I never win or get anything I apply for. Thank you all so much for this great gift. It will help so much to pay my medical bill co-pays! I am hoping to be feeling stronger by August 25th, and would like to support the Hope Walk and participate. My husband would also like to participate.

One morning I was getting ready for work and listening to WFLR and heard the announcement for the grant for breast cancer and for Yates County. This is truely a blessing while going through my worst nightmare. Thank you again!

When someone has been diagnosed with cancer the unknown is sometimes overwhelming and very uncertain. You at times feel very alone and very hopeless. Thanks to people like you at Hope Walk you help bring a strong and positive reassuring outlook back to life. Its so wonderful knowing that there are caring and loving people out there. Can't thank you enough. You are special people. All our thanks.

Thank you to all that put on The Hope Walk of Yates County. My family thanks you for your generous donation towards my cancer treatments and travel. Special thanks to Pat Moravec who got me this donation.

To All, Thank you so much for the grant money. It will truly help out with the payments & Bills this month. I greatly appreciate it.

I am very grateful for the grant. It helps so much! God bless you and your organization. Thanks Again!

Thank you for your love and support of #teamred! Your grant has been so helpful for our family.

Thanks for organizing the Hope Walk night at Glenora, and thanks for being the "Chefs of the Evening"!

It looked like there were quite a few people there so I hope it translates into dollars. Enclosed find a small check to add to your profits.

To the family group of Hope Walk of Yates County โ€“ Straight from my heart โ€“ We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. This money will help in so many ways, with gas, getting to doctor appointments, toll booth fees, bills, etc.

God Bless you all, you guys are a huge blessing and thanking you so much for being here!. ~ Thank you, this means so much to us.

Thank you so much for giving me the grant. It will help so much to pay these medical bills. It felt great to write the check to pay them. Thank you so much, it was a great Valentine gift in the mail. Thank You!

Your kindness and compassion means a great deal to me. Thanks again for making my life a little easier, God bless you all.

I just received your check . What a wonderful Christmas present during the time of uncertainty as I start on the path of cancer treatment. This support is helping me to keep my spirits up; looking forward to recovery and ultimately a cure.

It was so nice that a local charity takes care of the local people that are fighting cancer. We all know that dealing with cancer consumes a tremendous amount of time and money.

Thank you very much for the recent grant that I received. It has been spent on radiation, it is a help.

To everyone at the Hope Walk of Yates Co., Christmas 2017. I want to thank you for the grant dollars that you sent me and it was a true blessing for me.

I thank God each and every day, and not to say the least it helped me out very much. Merry Christmas & Happy New Years 2018.

Hope Walk of Yates County I want to say thank you for the grant check. I was able to pay some bills off. Again thank you so very much.

Thank You Sponsors!